Ukrainian school

Free online classes for Ukrainian students – grades 1st-11th

Informal education in Ukrainian, within the framework of the Ukrainian Education Programme, taught by Ukrainian teachers

Give the power of knowledge to Ukrainian students and support teachers who have fled the war.

Free online
after-school lessons
all Ukrainian


Nearly 1,000 Ukrainian students have already enrolled in the school. The initiative is growing rapidly, both in terms of the number of subjects taught and the number of teachers.

The school currently offers:

All subjects taught in the official Ukrainian curriculum

24 Ukrainian teachers


Why do Ukrainians need extra lessons?

Russia's war against Ukraine has displaced millions of people, with around 20-30% of the refugees being school-age children whose ability to continue their education has been hampered by the war. The rapid and effective integration of Ukrainian pupils into the education systems of other countries is difficult due to language barriers, different curricula, and a lack of teachers as well as suitable schools. In response to this situation an online school has been set up to give Ukrainian children the opportunity to learn in their own language and in the context of their national education programme.

How do the lessons work?

Lessons are conducted remotely, in Ukrainian, according to the official Ukrainian education programme and taught by Ukrainian teachers.

What does the lesson look like?

Lessons are conducted according to a timetable in a live–streaming format, during which students can interact with the teachers and ask questions live.After the lesson is finished, the students can watch a recording of the lesson.

Who are the teachers?

The teachers are accredited professionals from the official Ukrainian education system who either taught before the war or are still teaching the same curriculum in official Ukrainian educational institutions. With the help of this Ukrainian online school, they can continue their work and share their knowledge with their students anywhere in the world.

Classes in the official curriculum but why is the education informal?

Currently, there is no possibility to accredit the online Ukrainian school in the official Ukrainian education system, so the lessons are conducted as informal education.

Who are the authors of this project?

The initiative is a collaboration between a private Ukrainian school and Digiklase/Memby, Europe's most advanced online learning platform.

Who can learn?

All Ukrainian students in grades 1-11 from anywhere in the world.

Want to join our initiative?

You can! Our team is looking for volunteers to help us manage processes, social media channels content and more. Care to make a difference? Let‘s do it together - Слава Україні!

Thank you!

Every donation is a way for Ukrainian children to have a future!

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